Cloud Native


An organization with very little or no dependencies to on premise solutions are looking to develop and deploy applications to solve changing business problems in an agile and cost efficient way.


How to quickly build state of the art working solutions without building a large infrastructure and operations team and invest in hardware

When an organization has or is given complete autonomy this pattern can be used. This is obviously the case for start ups and newly formed companies. If this company depends crucially on technology or has technology as part of its product it is important to have as agile as possible a set up to develop and deploy this in response to market demands.

Another case could be a new business unit in an organization which by their nature or by design is isolated from business processes and solutions from other units. This business unit is often expected to deliver something different from its parent company. The product of this unit is also typically technology focused.

Today market and consumer demands are shifting very quickly and there is often an advantage in being able to follow these shifts as they occur. Another reason for looking for agility is that it is a good way to make experiments to find out quickly if something works or not.

Cost efficiency is here measured not in total cost over a long period of time but over a short period, which is why pay as you go models are optimal. If you are making experiments or continuously changing your solution landscape a cost model based on commitment is not optimal. Traditional on premise architecture is highly based on commitment several years into the future. However, commitment models also exist in the cloud.


Select a single mega scale cloud vendor and build applications with preferences for PaaS and fPaaS while leveraging cloud based IAM and CI/CD

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