At Lisdorf Consulting our mission is to help customers leverage technology to support their core processes so they can focus their energy on areas where they create unique value.

Lisdorf Consulting exists to help clients get the most out of technology to support their core processes in finance, HR and Sales, so they can focus on the areas where they have unique potential. We believe in honesty, openness and fairness as it helps us build long-lasting mutually fruitful relationships that benefit both our clients and us. Our solutions focus on quality rather than quantity and are always made with pragmatic consideration for the given circumstances.


The success of your company relies on a reliable finance system. Regulatory changes demand suitable finance solutions. We ensure timely access to accurate financial data. Learn more about our finance system support services.


The HR system is crucial for ensuring proper payment and continuous recruitment, retention, and development of employees, who are the backbone of the organization. Learn more about optimizing HR system support here.


The CRM system manages relationships with customers, influencing the ability to attract, retain, and grow your customer base. Learn how we help companies maximize their CRM system.