I have written three books for Apress (Springer Nature) New York

Still Searching for Satoshi – Unveiling the Blockchain Revolution (Out October 2023)

Cloud Computing Basics – A Non-Technical Introduction

“This book is more than valuable, even if you are a seasoned engineer with extensive experience in IT products or you are a beginner in any tech topic.” (Oscar on Amazon)

“I enjoyed the little piece of history about the key players in the field, AWS, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, GCP, as well as disclosed patterns on adopting the cloud.” (Evelyn Sokoloff on Goodreads)

Demystifying Smart Cities – Practical Perspectives on How Cities Can Leverage the Potential of New Technologies

“This book taught me a lot about what “smart cities” are, effectively demystifying the concept, as also the title indicates. The book analyzes smart cities from several perspectives like technology, governance, politics, organization, human nature, ethics, etc. This holistic approach is one of the things I found most inspiring and useful (..) the many examples and “solution spotlights” sprinkled around in the text makes the book not just more understandable but also more enjoyable to read. Many of these are taken directly from the author’s experiences in New York and other cities” (Peter Scheele on Amazon)

Jeg har også skrevet for en række online medier 

Min blog på dette site rummer et udvalg af artikler om forskellige aspekter af teknologi som jeg har skrevet gennem mere end et årti