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  • Recommendations (customers like you…)

    Recommendations (customers like you…)

    Rarely has AI had such a transformative impact on the world. Few people even realize it today, but recommendation systems are an example of how technology has fundamentally changed our behavior and shaped expectations about how technology should work.

  • The Data Deluge, Birds and the Beginning of Memory

    One of my heroes is the avant garde artist Laurie Anderson. She is probably best known for the unlikely hit “Oh Superman”  in the eighties and being married to Lou Reed, but I think she is an artist of comparable or even greater magnitude. On one of her later albums is a typical Laurie Anderson song…

  • Big Data From a Product Perspective – Different Views

    The hype surrounding big data at the moment is reaching a climax. While it is evident that we have more and more data and that there are valuable insights hidden, the situation is different if we look at big data as the products that are actually offered. If we look at big data from a product…