Demystifying Smart Cities

Cut through the hype surrounding Smart Cities. This book looks at the facts on the ground and realities, coming  to a more adequate understanding of where technology can and cannot help in a city context, specifically pulling on insights gained from smart city initiatives in New York, Chicago, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Currently, the concept of Smart Cities is rightfully touted as a transformative power in our lives. The use of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain are some of the most hyped technologies that promise to bring about significant changes to how we live and manage our cities. While some isolated solutions have been implemented with great success and impact, the full potential of smart cities have so far not been realized. Practical realities often interfere, bringing initiatives to a screeching halt or stopping them before they even start. By better understanding the practical realities of a city we may be able to better make use of technology to make smarter cities.
To that end end, this book provides a number of practical guidelines on how to make cities smarter with the aid of technology. You’ll also dive into the practical understanding of managing and securing thousands, possibly millions, of devices and the accompanying data. Demystifying Smart Cities evaluates how technology can behave in a more intelligent way and how producing novel solutions can pose problems of their own.

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